Who Voices Crypto In Apex?

Jobs. Min-Gi Park is a young adult of Korean ethnicity whose voice is provided by Johnny Young. He wears a grey-blue Members Only-style jacket, a white polo from his Dumpty’s shift, grey slacks, and white runners before boarding the Infinity Train and after meeting the Steward in the Party Car. Min-Gi plays a variety of instruments. Min-Gi Park is a musician that can be found on the Infinity Train Wiki at Fandom.com. Young is most known as Crypto’s voice actor in the video game Apex Legends. Previous projects he worked on included The Warrior’s Way (2010), Ghost in the Shell (2017), and Ayla: The Daughter of War (2017).

Similarly, What does Crypto in Apex say?

“I’m watching. I’m constantly watching,” “I’m not paranoid, I’m prepared,” and “Better to die fighting than to live in terror.”

Also, it is asked, How old is Crypto from Apex?

Secondly, Is Crypto older than mirage?

After Mirage had mockingly referred to him as a youngster during their first meeting in the season 3 teaser of Apex’s Legend, Crypto used to refer to Mirage as “Old Man” on a regular basis. Mirage now refers to Crypto as “old guy” and vice versa when it was found that Crypto is allegedly older than Mirage.

Also, Is Wattson in love with Crypto?

The development of Wattson and Crypto’s friendship has been seen in their in-game vocal chats from Season 5. Before Caustic stepped in, many Apex supporters anticipated that there would be a romance.

People also ask, Why does Wattson hate Caustic?

Following Caustic’s accusation of the hacker during The Broken Ghost of being a mole, Crypto and Wattson’s burgeoning romance suffered. Although Caustic subsequently admitted to being the spy, Wattson stopped speaking to Crypto as a result of the treachery, and in-game voice lines mirrored her changed attitude toward the hacker.

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Is Octane a boy or girl?


Are caustic and Crypto brothers?

The identity of Mystik, the woman who raised Tae Joon Park (Crypto) and Mila Alexander, as well as Katerina Ticacek Nox, the mother of Alexander Nox (Caustic), is essentially established. Caustic and Crypto are stepbrothers.

Who is the youngest legend in Apex?

Rampart, an Apex Legend who is 21 years old, is the youngest. Ramya Parekh is Rampart’s true name. This Season 6 character, who debuted as the youngest, is also one of the most well-liked.

Is Valkyrie Korean?

Despite the fact that Valkyrie is the first Japanese character in Apex Legends and has been aggressively promoted as such, one content producer believed Respawn had not done enough to accurately reflect Japanese culture.

Who is the tallest apex legend?

Every Character’s Age, Height, And Home World In Apex Legends: Wraith. Age: 32. Size: 5’4 “Wattson 2 Age: 22. Size: 5’4″ 3. Valkyrie Age: 30. Unknown height 4 Seer. Age: 26. Unknown height 5 Repentance. Unknown age. Size: 6’8 “Ramparts 6, Age: 21. Unknown height Pathfinder. 7. Unknown age. Size: 6’2 “Octane 8 Age: 24.

What is Crypto’s race?

Crypto, a Korean hacker, is accused of murdering his step-sister and fellow hacker Mila Alexander and is being held responsible. After he and Mila developed software that could manipulate the betting systems and earn them a ton of money, he is now evading the Syndicate, the evil organization that owns Apex Games.

How old is revenant?

Revenant is 288 years old, fun fact! He is the oldest tale ever, thus.

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How did wattson get her scar?

You may notice some fairly unusual scars on Wattson’s right cheek if you look at her face, as a user going by the handle of ivanvzm on the Apex Legends subreddit reported. That is not a typical scar; rather, it is a Lichtenberg scar, which is often caused by a strong electrical current.

Who is Caustic dating?

Since Caustic’s debut in Apex Legends Season 2, the friendship between The Scientists and The Surveillance Expert Wattson and Caustic has developed significantly.

Are octane and Wattson dating?

Is it true that Octane x Wattson has the backing of the majority of Octane fans? Fortunately for the numerous interested parties, Casiello said “yes” to the first two questions but denied Wattson and the speedster were dating.

Who is Caustic’s brother?

Caustic and Crypto are perhaps related since Caustic’s biological mother, Ms. Katerina Tikacec Nox, is also Crypto’s foster mother, Mystik. Caustic was pushed over the brink by that combo. In Kings Canyon, Caustic discovered a brand-new poisonous gas.

Does octane have ADHD?

Octane often had boredom and was difficult to sit still, which was a major factor in his decision to resort to extreme sports and other adrenaline-inducing activities. He resorted to near-death experiences because his parents refused to give him the medicine for his ADHD-related actions.

Who is Crypto’s mother?

Hester Pierce, the commissioner of the Securities and Exchange Commission, is one of the best-known “Crypto Moms.” Members of the crypto community, who often see her as an advocate for their sector, gave her the moniker.

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What is wraiths real name?

Blasey, Renee Hope

How tall is Loba?

If Loba is wearing heels and is 6 feet tall (182.88 cm), Bangalore and Loba are around the same height. Try battling in six-inch heels, which translates to 6 feet, or 182.88 centimeters, minus six inches, or 15.24 centimeters, in the voiceover. You would then be 164.59 cm or 5’4″ tall.

Who has the biggest hitbox in Apex?


How Old Is Mad Maggie?

How old is Apex Legends Gibraltar?

What race is Valkyrie?

Erika Ishii, who plays Valkyrie’s voice actor, and the character have a lot in common, like being lesbian, mixed race, and having extroverted personalities. Valkyrie was born to a Japanese mother and a Caucasian father.

Is Crypto adopted apex?

The mother of Caustic is the adoptive mother of Crypto. Before Caustic’s mother brought him home, he was reared on the streets, and he now plans to insults.


The “voice actor for crypto destroy all humans” is a member of the group that voices Crypto in Apex. The group consists of three members with one being the main voice actor.

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