How To Buy Crypto In Hawaii?

Similarly, Can I buy crypto in Hawaii?

Regulators and laws that are unfavourable to Bitcoiners have been enacted in Hawaii, among other places. As a consequence, Coinbase and other major exchanges no longer trade in Bitcoin with residents of Hawaii. Buying Bitcoin in Hawaii is still completely legal.

Also, it is asked, Is crypto com legal in Hawaii? is not available to New York investors, however it is available to Hawaii residents. It’s also accessible in over 100 countries, including the United States, Australia, Singapore, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Secondly, Is Coinbase legal in Hawaii?

However, if you resided in Hawaii after February 2017, you presumably didn’t purchase Bitcoin. Coinbase, a digital currency exchange, halted operations in Hawai’i that month, citing overregulation as the reason. Residents in the area were given 30 days to sell or transfer their digital money and cancel their accounts.

Also, Can I buy crypto on Coinbase in Hawaii?

Unfortunately, many Hawaii people have been unable to participate in this new invention due to a lack of purchasing alternatives. Coinbase, for example, is the world’s biggest cryptocurrency exchange, yet it refuses to conduct business in Hawaii.

People also ask, Why is there no crypto in Hawaii?

Because the market is tiny.” According to Misalucha, the state’s pilot program only permits for the operation of 15 bitcoin firms in Hawaii, limiting investor options. The experimental program will cease in June unless licensing legislation is passed, she added.

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Can you buy Bitcoin if you live in Hawaii?

While local companies aren’t accepting cryptocurrencies as payment yet, the State of Hawaii’s Digital Currency Innovation Lab allows anyone to purchase them. Under a trial program, the state is now allowing cryptocurrency trading with 11 firms.

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Is Robinhood crypto available in Hawaii?

Except for Hawaii and Nevada, Robinhood Crypto is presently accessible in every US state and the District of Columbia. We’re working hard to provide Robinhood Crypto accessible as soon as possible in those states.


Hawaii is one of the few states in the United States that has no specific laws governing cryptocurrencies. The state does not have a law that prohibits or regulates their use, but it also doesn’t help them either.

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